In Home Visits

We provide visits in your own home, eliminating your need to travel. An initial consultation is one hour. A follow-up phone call is included in the initial cost. The sooner a potential problem is addressed, the easier it is to resolve.

Initial home visit $120 plus GST.

Further follow up visit $85 plus GST per hour

We can help with:

There are a host of other breastfeeding issues that we address with breastfeeding mothers including:

  • Latching challenges

  • Painful feeding

  • Cracked nipples, mastitis

  • Milk supply concerns

  • Tongue tie

  • Breastfeeding twins

  • Adoptive breastfeeding

  • Poor weight gain

  • Sleep support

  • Weaning

  • Relactation support

Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations are a great way to start. We offer virtual consultations at $100 + GST p/h.

For some situations 30 minutes is enough time but for more complex situations – particularly where we need to see your baby feeding – more time may be appropriate.

Follow up consultations are charged at $45 + GST per half hour.

Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom – we can usually use whatever works best for you.

Antenatal Consultations

Antenatal sessions help with reducing any anxieties you may have and are essential for building confidence to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

You will receive a complimentary pack with some reading essentials and information to prepare you for breastfeeding.

Initial antenatal consult $180 + GST, postnatal follow up $100 + GST.

Topics we cover:

  • How breastfeeding works

  • Benefits of breastfeeding to you and your baby.

  • How to get off to the best start

How to achieve skin to skin contact and why it's important

  • Guidance of positioning and attachment

  • What is expected of your breastfeeding newborn and whats normal

  • Initiating & maintaining a good milk supply

  • How to know that your baby is “getting enough”

  • Discussing possible breastfeeding hurdles

Antenatal Classes

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