Get the support and caring advice you need to feed your baby

Kind, personalised advice and reassurance from fully qualified Lactation Consultants in Auckland.

Empowering and supporting you on your breastfeeding journey

Antenatal lactation sessions are perfect for expectant mothers. Our informal classes help you feel relaxed and prepared for your new arrival.
Starting and maintaining breastfeeding can take time and the right support. We help with all aspects of breastfeeding, from latching to milk production.

Don't feel bullied by breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding shouldn't make you feel scared, pressured or ashamed. For any mother, breastfeeding can seem complicated and stressful.

Geting the right support at the right time makes all the difference. Someone that listens to you and understands your situation can help you feel happier, safer and more capable of breastfeeding baby.

Your worries matter to us. Your wellbeing matters to us.

We're here to listen. We're here to help.

No single solution works for everyone. We believe in a family’s right to information, with a no judgment approach, to assist them in making informed choices that fits with their own philosophy and lifestyle.